Refugee Courses

Our courses are thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of refugees, yet they are crafted with a universal approach, making them beneficial and open to all students. These programs, ranging from language development to hands-on learning opportunities, aim to foster an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and promotes understanding among all participants. By emphasizing practical skills, cultural awareness, and academic growth, we strive to create a welcoming space where every student, regardless of their background, can thrive and excel. This approach not only supports refugees in their transition but also enriches the learning experience for everyone involved, building a strong, supportive community of learners.

Our Courses


15 hrs per month

Refugee families new to our community will have the opportunity to join a special program. In this program, students from refugee families will be paired with other students. Together, they will help each other with schoolwork and learn about each other’s cultures. The RSI Team will plan two special outings for these student pairs. They will also organize events to celebrate and learn about the different cultures within our community. Additionally, students will create videos to help new students understand the school system. These videos will be a guide for future students joining our school.

After-School Tutoring

2 hrs per week

Refugee families in our area will have access to a special program that helps with learning English, school subjects, and how to interact with others. This program happens after school. It takes place in a special center where students can use computers and other technology. They can also get help from teachers and friends, and learn important social skills. This is a safe and supportive place to learn and grow.

Adult ESL Classes

2 days a week for, 2 hours each day

During the school year, the Welcome Center will provide English language classes for parents. These classes are designed for parents at all levels of English proficiency. The classes will be held at the Welcome Center, making it easier for parents to join since transportation and child care services will be offered.

Social Emotional Learning

30 minutes per week (20 classes)

Students will receive support for their social and emotional well-being throughout the year with the help of books. These books will cover a wide range of social and emotional topics. Teachers will be trained on how to use these books to help students, including those who are refugees, by learning through special training and example lessons. Also, teachers will work closely with the Welcome Center staff to learn the best ways to support their students in a classroom that understands trauma.

Curriculum Support

Grade levels: 1st-5th grade

Together with a team of teachers, we will develop a curriculum for our newcomer classes that respects and includes different cultures. This curriculum will recognize and appreciate the strengths and opinions of our students, creating a positive and encouraging environment where they can succeed. We will also give them access to tools like Imagine Learning, which can be used both in class and at home. This tool will help support their language learning and reading skills.

Summer School

4 days a week, 4 weeks, 5 hours=100 hours

Our summer school offers students a chance to keep learning and improving in both their studies and language skills. This program creates a welcoming, family-like environment where students learn through doing. We aim to bring together students of all grade levels in one place, encouraging them to support and learn from each other.

RSI stands out by offering a practical learning experience rather than sticking strictly to traditional classroom methods. Our activities are organized around themes like “Embracing our roots, Enriching the world.” This approach aims to help students develop important skills for the 21st century, such as teamwork and problem-solving, by working together like a family. The summer program is designed to enhance students’ thinking, language abilities, and to reduce their stress about learning, making it more effective than typical summer programs.

Partnered Services

Through partnerships with various organizations, the RSI team offers unique learning experiences during the school year, focusing on practical, hands-on activities. These opportunities are especially valuable for refugee/asylee students who might not have access to such experiences otherwise. Our partnerships include:


By working with CHEF, we introduce our students to mathematics in a practical context, alongside lessons in health and nutrition. This is a new initiative aimed at enriching our students’ education.

Tobin Center

Our ongoing partnership with Tobin allows students to explore and express themselves creatively in new ways.

Financial Literacy

Dress for Success partnered to bring financial literacy to the Welcome Center. Their mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools.


The sewing program is a new addition designed to leverage the skills many refugee families already possess. It aims to familiarize them with the U.S. imperial measurement system through a collaborative learning experience for children and parents alike.

Code Ninjas

As a pre-existing partner, Code Ninjas helps students learn to navigate new technologies, overcome obstacles, and devise innovative solutions to problems they care about.


To support parents attending classes, childcare will be provided by the newcomer clerk, volunteers, and KIN staff at the Welcome Center and our Community Learning Center. This ensures that parents can fully engage in learning about their new homeland while their children are safely supervised, meeting the need for adult education and child care simultaneously.