Welcome Center at NEISD

Refugee School Impact Program

Discover a welcoming space for newcomers to the San Antonio community, offering an inclusive learning environment that invites cultural and linguistic diversity. The NEISD Welcome Center embraces the opportunity for refugee and asylum-seeking students to grow and succeed academically as we foster a safe and respectful space while our commitment to educational excellence ensures that students thrive in our supportive settings.

By focusing on classroom participation, we enable newly arrived students to participate confidently in the curriculum at the grade level while helping them acquire essential knowledge and hone their skills in navigating the school environment. Visit the NEISD Welcome Center and experience first-hand the developmental impact of our leadership and support in shaping bright futures for all learners.

Our Support Services

Registration Support

We help refugee and asylum-seeking families with children transition to school so that every family feels like they belong to NEISD.

Help facilitate the registration process

Assistance in completing standard registration forms

Overview of district policies and details on school schedule, hours, discipline rules, and related information

Academic Support

Our staff assists students in obtaining appropriate in-class accommodations tailored to their individual needs.

Translation and interpretation services through our team of Bilingual Intake Facilitators

Screening and recognition of potential English language learners

Review transcript records and academic assessments

Educational workshops and events

Informal college and career readiness advising

Community Partnership

Welcome Center actively collaborates with local organizations to provide easily accessible community-based learning opportunities to students.

CHEF: Hands-on culinary and nutritional education

The Tobin Center: Performing arts education and engagement

UT Health: Healthcare industry encounters and exposure

About Us

since 2004

Welcome Center at NEISD cultivates a safe, respectful learning environment that embraces students of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds. By promoting active participation and grade-level content acquisition, we set up students for academic achievement and ensure English Language Learners feel welcomed. Through targeted instructional approaches, refugee and asylee students develop the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate and thrive in our schools.


Our Mission

is to build bridges and provide continuous support by fostering an encouraging environment where refugee and asylee families can thrive in our community, enabling high levels of learning and growth for all. 


Our Vision

is to empower students to excel academically and socially. We aim to boost academic performance by delivering academic standards in an accessible, comprehensible way to ensure academic success while also improving social engagement.

RSI Team

Kerry Haupert

Kerry Haupert

Project Coordinator

Elvira Gatumuta

Elvira Gatumuta

Family Liaison

Safiullah Momand

Safiullah Momand

Family Liaison

Rachel Oviedo

Rachel Oviedo

Newcomer Clerk

Rosalyn Ouderkirk

Rosalyn Ouderkirk

Administrative Assistant