About the Program

About Our Refugee School Impact Program

We assist refugee and asylee students and their families in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to excel academically and socially. By embracing cultural and linguistic diversity, we empower new students and community members. Through our specialized instructional approaches, assessment testing, registration support, translation services, community partnerships, and adult learning opportunities, we set students and the community up for success. Visit the Welcome Center at NEISD to experience the impact of our academic support and cultural acceptance.

What We Offer


Welcome Center provides registration assistance to create a strong sense of belonging from the first moment of arrival, allowing children to flourish in our supportive and inclusive educational environment. 


Experience exceptional tutoring support that enhances English language proficiency, aids academic excellence, and fosters essential social skills. New opportunities for growth and success are unlocked through our provided amenities that empower an educational journey.

Adult Learning

Unlock learning opportunities with ongoing training sessions provided by our RSI team. Tailored to meet refugee and asylee community needs, RSI establishes a more inclusive environment, creating a lasting impact that will elevate our vibrant community.

Community Collaborations

Encounter a seamless blend of community engagement and educational excellence. In partnership with local organizations including CHEF, UT Health, and the Tobin Center, we have successfully established an extensive network that makes community learning easily accessible.


We have found that it is difficult for the families to attend different events, such as ESL classes, school events, as well as registration due to transportation. Therefore, we will set aside funds to assist with Z-Trip or school buses to allow them the opportunity to be actively involved in their child’s education.


To support parents attending ESL classes, childcare will be provided by the newcomer clerk, volunteers, and KIN staff at the Welcome Center and our Community Learning Center. This ensures that parents can fully engage in learning about their new homeland while their children are safely supervised, meeting the need for adult education and child care simultaneously.


Our Mission

is to build bridges and provide continuous support by fostering an encouraging environment where refugee and asylee families can thrive in our community, enabling high levels of learning and growth for all. 


Our Vision

is to empower students to excel academically and socially. We aim to boost academic performance by delivering academic standards in an accessible, comprehensible way to ensure academic success while also improving social engagement.

Our Focus

Welcome Center at NEISD focuses on intentionally valuing each member of the community. We cultivate a sense of belonging through supportive partnerships that enable positive growth and increase educational milestones.

Welcome Center establishes student engagement and inclusion in our school communities to encourage engaged learning.

Welcome Center promotes goal orientation by supporting students in taking active ownership in contributions and achievements.

Welcome Center recognizes refugee and asylee student strengths and potential, preparing them for post-secondary opportunities such as college, careers, and life pursuits.

NEISD motivates families to actively participate in educational opportunities for language, cultural, and civic learning.

NEISD encourages families to utilize RSI and its resources to ease integration into the community.

NEISD hosts a welcoming district environment where refugee and asylee families feel valued as members of the San Antonio community.

RSI team members implement impactful programs and services supporting refugee families and our community. 

RSI team members provide instructional support enabling refugee and asylee students to achieve educational goals.

RSI team members collaborate and reflect to continuously improve services for refugee and asylee families.

Staff members respect and value the unique cultural heritage and languages of each refugee and asylee student and family.

Teachers are enabled to assist students in achieving ambitious learning objectives.

Refugee School Impact Program

Made Possible by USCCB

North East ISD continues to reflect on how to better serve these young and innocent newcomers by providing district staff with professional growth to learn about our newly enrolled students’ culture and their social and emotional needs. Knowing the particulars of a child’s background educates us on how to deliver instruction and how to deliver the customs, practices, and expectations of their new environment. Therefore, the RSI program grants us the opportunity to continue to seek innovative ways to better serve and welcome families to our community.

Refugee School Impact Program

Community Partnerships 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued partners who have played a pivotal role in making this program a reality. Your unwavering commitment and support have been instrumental in shaping the success of our initiative. Together, we’ve created opportunities, inspired growth, and made a lasting impact on the lives of our students. Your dedication to our shared mission is deeply appreciated, and we look forward to continuing this journey together, fostering positive change and enriching the lives of those we serve.

RSI Team

Kerry Haupert

Kerry Haupert

Project Coordinator

Elvira Gatumuta

Elvira Gatumuta

Family Liaison

Safiullah Momand

Safiullah Momand

Family Liaison

Rachel Oviedo

Rachel Oviedo

Newcomer Clerk

Rosalyn Ouderkirk

Rosalyn Ouderkirk

Administrative Assistant